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The Malaysia Telangana Association (MYTA), which has been established in 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to organize various Telangana Cultural, Heritage, Educational, Literary, Social and other programs for the exclusive Telangana community. MYTA has taken up several welfare programs like supporting people, seeking employment and other desired rehabilitation due to various reasons, etc.

Malaysia Telangana Association (MYTA) has a membership of more than 1000 people from Telangana and is actively associated with the activities programmed for the Telangana people living in Malaysia and making every effort to preserve the historical glory and heritage of Telangana.

Our Vision:
To preserve and promote Telangana Culture and Identity in Malaysia.

Our Objectives:
• To carry on all social activities as a non-profit Organisation, to provide a common platform for Telangana literary, cultural, educational, social, recreational and charitable interactions among all Telugu people in Malaysia.
• Will engage in developmental and charitable activities in Malaysia and Telangana.
• Will conduct seminars, publish papers/books to educate about problems and solutions about the issues of Telangana.
• We are flexible in responding to the changing needs for the community with transparency in all our deeds.